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活动时间:2012年05月08日 18:00 - 19:00
联 系 人:Jessie Chen
联系电话:905-842-2486. ext.257
相关地址:1092 Speers Rd. Oakville

Information Session for Internationally Trained Professionals

The topics will include:

1. Introduction of Bridging to Employment for Internationally-Trained Professionals in Information and Communications Technology and Environmental Occupations

2. Labour market information of IT and Environment Sectors

3. Information about customized free credit courses to participants through Mohawk College

4. Information of online training courses from CAPE and ICTC

5. Networking within the sectors and participating in workplace

Halton 地区多元文化理事会 安居服务项目欢迎您参加我们的信息讲座。 Join Us to Find Available Resources and Program!

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