联邦大选当河谷北保守党候选人Sarah Fischer

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Sarah Fischer是保守党在Don Valley North选区的候选人。


在创业之前,Sarah Fishcher曾在联邦人力资源和技术部工作,学习如何为选民有效传递声音,以及当选议员如何为选民服务。

她还曾担任参议员Senator Donald Plett的行政助理,在保护儿童、宗教自由、言论自由、公平民主程序等问题上表达立场,并希望在当选国会议员后,为政府的公正、负责和透明发声。在担任参议员助理经期间,Sarah还曾安排国会议员和参议员多次访问中国。







以下是关于Sarah Fischer的更多信息:

Sarah Fischer is the Conservative Party of Canada candidate for Don Valley North.

Sarah is a successful business owner and entrepreneur. She is the co-founder and owner of Mapleblume, a Canadian luxury beauty subscription box for women in Canada and the United States. Mapleblume recently won an award for Best Splurge-Worthy Box in the A Year Of Boxes 2019 Canadian Subscription Box Awards. Sarah has worked with top clean beauty brands from around the world and has helped to promote made-in-Canada beauty brands such as Province Apothecary, Fitglow Beauty, Graydon Skincare, Niu Body and many more. With the development and growth of her business, Sarah understands the importance of fair and competitive small business tax policies, and the role that government can play in creating an environment where businesses and entrepreneurs can flourish and create jobs.

Prior to starting her business, Sarah began her career working for the former Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, the Honourable Diane Finley. On Parliament Hill, she learned how to be an effective voice for constituents both inside and outside the House of Commons, and saw first-hand the sacrifices that elected officials make in order to serve the people of Canada.

Sarah went on to work for Senator Donald Plett as his Executive Assistant. She worked with Senator Plett to promote a strong stance on issues such as the protection of children, religious freedom, free speech, and fair democratic processes. Sarah admired Senator Plett’s willingness to take a stand for what he believed to be right and she hopes to be a Member of Parliament (MP) who will also be a voice for fairness, accountability, and transparency in government. Senator Plett was Co-Chair of the Canada-China Parliamentary Group. During that time, Sarah helped to plan several trips to China with its members, composed of MPs and Senators from all major parties.

In 2016, Sarah co-founded her business with the help of her twin sister, Hollie Fischer, who also shares her entrepreneurial and creative spirit. From a young age, Sarah and her sister were taught the importance of hard work and creativity from her parents. Her father was an entrepreneur and business owner, who owned a home renovation and painting business. He worked very hard to support his family of five children. Her mother was a professional hairstylist, who worked in some of the top salons in the country before she became a mom. Sarah’s parents passed onto their children a desire to fight for what’s right, be generous in helping others, and never give up on your hopes and dreams. Sarah’s mom and dad always encouraged her to go after the big things in life, even if there are difficult challenges in the way.

Sarah attended the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario and earned an Honours Specialization in Political Science. Sarah pursued courses in Canada-US Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Theory, Crisis Management, Canadian Politics, and Political Leadership. She also studied French and Spanish. During her studies, she took a year off to volunteer at an orphanage in a small town in Chiapas, Mexico. During that time abroad, Sarah was able to see the respect and admiration others had for Canada and Canadians who live in such a prosperous, free and stable country.

Sarah is passionate about preserving freedoms through public service. If elected, Sarah would fight for the residents of Don Valley North and commit to:

· Creating a competitive environment where businesses can thrive;

· Ensuring men and women who work hard can get ahead based on merit, not quotas;

· Making life more affordable for people, starting with the cancellation of the Liberals’ punishing carbon tax and removing the HST from home heating bills;

· Reforming our immigration system to be fair, orderly and compassionate by enabling immigrants to become self-sufficient, matching economic migrants with industries who need workers in Canada, and prioritizing the most vulnerable for humanitarian migration; and

· Keeping our communities safe by getting tougher on gun and gang violence, including ending automatic bail for gang members, revoking parole for gang members and cracking down on gun smugglers.


Email: [email protected]

Cell: 647-812-5172

Website: sarahfischer.ca

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